Continuing Healthcare – Innovation focused on bringing the patient to the centre of the process.

Thursday 29th October 2020.

Join representatives from NHS Innovation Accelerator, Spinal Injuries Association and IEG4 as we highlight the need to put Patients and their family representatives at the centre of the CHC process.

Better outcomes, better experience and better use of resources in Continuing Healthcare - a focus on the patient. 

  • Improve quality and better control over referrals and CHC process
  • Improve patient and family experience through faster decisions and visibility through the patient portal
  • Increase visibility of case progress to staff
  • Increase productivity by reducing admin tasks
  • Deliver on the NHSE goal to fully digitise the Continuing Healthcare process
  • NHS Innovation Accelerator focus on patient benefits from innovation

IEG4 provide simple-to-use tools for the public sector which enable non-technical staff to deliver more cost-effective, joined up services and allows citizens to self-serve.