IEG4 Coronavirus statement

IEG4 are committed to an evidence-led and common-sense approach to containing the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and mitigating its impact on employees, customers and our wider business operations.  

Please be assured we have prepared for our services to continue as normal. We have business continuity plans in place to minimise the risk of infection and make sure we can continue to deliver a business-as-usual service. These include implementing clear guidelines for employees, providing support and advice for anyone who needs to self-quarantine, and issuing guidance on following safe hygiene practices across the organisation. 

All of our employees, including frontline teams, have technology to enable them to work from home and, indeed, many of them already are. 

We’ve implemented a social distancing policy in all offices and are urging all visitors to follow hygiene advice. Hand sanitisers and tissues have been issued in all offices. 

Staff have been advised to liaise with clients and prospects regarding the applicability of physically visiting sites and consider whether the necessary work could be done remotely.

Our overall aim is to ensure that the support and maintenance of our systems continues, that services remain available and we are able to respond to demands that arise.

We recognise the situation will continue to evolve and we will continue to monitor the outbreak, update risk assessments, and provide regular updates based on the latest government guidelines.

The Government may take directive actions in the case of any outbreak in which we are involved, so our plan is fluid and reactive to the needs of any externally imposed instructions or restrictions.