Blue Badge Case Management System -

Webinar Programme

Dates available over the coming months 


Reducing calls by 65% to customer services as a result of self-serve

Hannah Buckley, Blue Badge Operations Supervisor, Kent County Council & IEG4 customer says:

"There was an abundance of solutions on the market, but the majority would not give us the whole service that we required.  At Kent, we selected the IEG4 product as it provided overall greater efficiencies."

During these webinars, we’ll be exploring:

  • How the solution has streamlined progress tracking, from application to order
  • How it reduces unnecessary contact to the council
  • How citizens self-serve and have full visibility of the progress of their application
  • How the solution allows you to effectively plan and manage renewals

IEG4 provide simple-to-use tools for the public sector which enable non-technical staff to deliver more cost-effective, joined up services and allows citizens to self-serve.

Webinar Host - Jackie Gill

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