CHC2DST, Digital Continuing Healthcare Assessment Decision Toolkit - Webinar Programme

Available Dates: November - March 2020

IEG4 will show in a live webinar how CHC2DST has helped five Cheshire CCGs to transform their Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process, improving service quality and speed for all stakeholders.  

 Digital transformation of the CHC Service has enabled them to: 

  • Gain control over their workload by providing a single point of entry for CHC referrals. 
  • Triage referrals more effectively to reduce unnecessary full assessment activity. 
  • Improve staff productivity by facilitating data capture and case submission. 
  • Reduce service delays though the elimination of paper and automation of communications. 
  • Meet the National 28 Day Decision Turnaround Standard. 
  • Drive work activity via an effective management dashboard. 
  • Help with NHS England Sit Rep data capture. 

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Benefits of CHC2DST 

The current process of Continuing Healthcare Assessments is often paper and phone-based and involves the co-ordination of multi-disciplinary teams across different organisational silos. 

A lack of transparency in the assessment process can lead to unnecessary delays. One team’s uncompleted task can halt the entire process; whether it be because of admin delays on missing paperwork, incomplete assessment information or delays in communication.  

  •     Improve the assessment services to patients and carers and staff 
  •     Improve communication across stakeholders 
  •     Improve decision making speed and accuracy 
  •     Reduce Delayed Transfers of Care numbers 
  •     Improve work allocation and follow-up scheduling 
  •     Improve accuracy and retrieval of completed CHC Checklist and DST 
  •     Reduce legal appeals through better record keeping 
  •     Reduce processing costs by eliminating inefficiencies 

Webinar Host - Jackie Gill

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