Digitising CHC: The fuel for ICS's change engine

Now is the time to digitise your end-to-end CHC process. 

Do you want to find out how you can move away from your dependence on spreadsheets to manage your CHC process and discover how one ICS in the North West has improved their 28-day referrals from 17% to 79% using data automation.

IEG4's Digital CHC Solution has been designed to ensure the National CHC Framework timescales can be achieved by:

  • Providing digital entry of e-checklists, e-assessments, and e-Decision Support Tools
  • Mirroring the NHSE Framework
  • Facilitating case-by-case visibility
  • Allowing access to real-time data and information for every decision-maker


The Fuel for the ICS's Change Engine with IEG4

Are you curious about the latest advancements in IEG4's system that have been specifically designed to assist ICB's in enhancing their All Age Continuing Care processes?

Come and be part of one of our exclusive webinars, where we will unveil the  advancements in IEG4's system. Witness the full scope of these developments and discover how they can enhance your All Age Continuing Care processes. - Digital CHC: The Fuel for ICS's Change Engine on the 22nd April and 22nd May. 


Webinar Host - Jackie Gill

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