Housing Benefit Award Accuracy (HBAA)

What do you have in place to reduce the overload of work caused by Full Case Reviews? 

Tuesday 29th March 14:00 - 14:30 

To support the latest guidance from DWP (LA Welfare Direct 3/2022 updated 09/03/22), that all local authorities should participate in HBAA, IEG4 has available a new online form that several of our customers have already committed to. The form provides:  

  • real-time claimant authentication with Capita, Civica, Northgate back-office applications  
  • real-time retrieval and presentation of current benefit claim information for the claimant to indicate whether there have been changes  
  • evidence upload, both pre- and post-form submission  
  • reported changes fully automated into back-office benefit applications and EDMS 

We are hosting a series of 30-minute sessions this month through MS Teams that will demonstrate the features and benefits that our ‘Benefits Full Claim Review’ form will provide.

To sign-up complete the form and submit 👉🏽