Housing Benefit Award Accuracy (HBAA)

Would you like to alleviate the workload of Full Case Reviews in line with the DWP HBAA policy change?

Friday 17th September at 11:00 - 11:30

DWP’s Housing Benefit Circular A9 202, announced the availability of funding for LAs who proactively carry out activities to identify unreported changes in circumstances and ensure the correct amount of benefit is paid to the right person at the right time.

To support councils in response to this, IEG4 has built a new online form that provides:

  • real-time claimant authentication with Capita, Civica, Northgate back-office applications
  • real-time retrieval and presentation of current benefit claim information for the claimant to indicate whether there have been changes
  • evidence upload, both pre- and post-form submission
  • reported changes fully automated into back-office benefit applications and EDMS

We are hosting a 30-minute session on 17th September, through MS Teams that will demonstrate the features and benefits that our ‘Benefits Full Claim Review’ form will provide.