Hannah Buckley, Operations Supervisor at Kent County Council


In late 2018, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that it was withdrawing the Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) in favour of the Blue Badge Digital Service (BBDS). This meant that from February 2019, the DfT’s new system will encompass just the front and back end functionality, therefore leaving each authority to provide their own middle piece – a case management feature, that feeds back into the new BBDS.

“Many authorities were already using another case management system alongside BBIS, but we weren’t at Kent County Council and this left us in a predicament,” said Hannah Buckley, Operations Supervisor at Kent County Council. The question we asked ourselves was ‘Do we go for what we know, i.e. the legacy solution that could be purchased standalone, or do we use this as an opportunity to explore other options to see if we could realise greater efficiencies?’”

As one of the largest local authorities in the UK, receiving 2,000-2,500 Blue Badge applications per month, the pressure was on, so the Council naturally went for the latter option.

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