A Single View of the Council  

Transforming Citizen Engagement with the right technology

Wednesday 20th September 15:00 - 15:50 

In a recent survey*, 55% of public sector workers expressed frustration and isolation due to inadequate technology access, potentially driving them to consider leaving their roles.  Impacting and widening the digital skills gap further, and presenting a significant barrier to achieving successful digital transformation within the Public Sector. 

Getting the right technology in place is key to optimising service delivery and developing and retaining skilled staff. We believe the right technology should be used to meet the evolving requirements of the public sector, provide best in class experiences and are not only rapid to implement but also highly customisable using low code technology, ensuring simplicity without relying heavily on IT resources. 

With OneVu, IEG4’s Citizen Engagement Platform, many councils are breaking down the challenges being facedHigh levels of customer satisfaction, significant savings, and a reduction in back-office workload, are a few of the positive outcomes being seen by Councils as they optimise service delivery and get the technology right first time.  

Join us and other local gov professionals on 20th September where we'll showcase: 

  • Maximise Engagement - Learn how SMS-based sign-up and notifications via SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook can drive engagement across all age groups. 
  • Future-Proof Solutions - Discover how to swiftly implement and continuously improve modern digital services related to council tax, benefits, business rates, housing, licensing, and waste. Plus, get insights on how automation can adapt to workforce changes. 
  • Virtual Empowerment - Explore how digital tools empower caregivers and families to manage their responsibilities remotely, catering to the demands of the virtual age

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**Survey source https://www.thinkdigitalpartners.com/news/2023/07/18/uk-public-sector-employees-eyeing-the-exit-due-to-lack-of-tech/?zc_cid=3zaa2595fee47fd9c2889c91648a4891bf7251694d514fb7acc3259abc3f86f517