Revenues & Benefits - Webinar Programme

Available Dates: November - March 2020

Our digital Revenues forms enable channel shift in the areas of Change of Address, Direct Debit (DD), Discounts & Exemptions, Single Person Discount (SPD), BR Move/Out, BR Direct Debit and Business Rates Relief.

To discover more and to register for the Webinars taking place throughout the year, please complete and submit. 


IEG4’s solution offers: 

  • Responsive eForms - built 'mobile-up' - works on all devices

  • Content that is fully editable by the Council

  • Online evidence upload during and after submission

  • Email receipts and reminders are automatically sent to citizens

  • Smart-link potential - auto-completion of other forms

  • A compelling user experience

  • Integration with all mainstream EDMS systems

Webinar Host - Jackie Gill

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