Revenues Process Orchestration Session

How can Civica OPENRevenues users significantly improve automation using IEG4's Revenues Process Orchestration? 

Wednesday 30th June at 15:00 - 15:50 or Tuesday 6th July at 13:00 - 13:50 

Revenues is a complex area, which only becomes more complicated when you take into account the varying policies on accounts where recovery/council tax support is in place. 

To solve the complexity, IEG4 has built a solution that makes online forms simpler, prevents duplication, and automates everything - our Revenues Process Orchestration (RPO) solution. 

RPO covers four separate services: 

  • Direct Debit 
  • Single Person Discount 
  • Discounts, Exemptions, DBR 
  • Change of Address 

Our online forms seamlessly guide citizens through the multiple steps in the Revenues process, automating updates and practically removing the need for human intervention. This means a better user experience and enables your staff to focus on other tasks such as effective recovery arrangements.  

We are hosting two 50-minute sessions on Wednesday 30th June and Tuesday 6th July through MS Teams that will demonstrate the features and benefits of RPO. To secure your place 👉